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Fotamecus Film Majik

an experiment in temporality


Fotamecus Film Majik from matt lee on Vimeo.

"time is invention, or it is nothing at all" : Henri Bergson

The Fotamecus Film Majik project was a sorcerous operation initiated in 2001. Details of the operation can be found on this website and there is also an excellent account in Julian Vayne's book 'Now that's what I call Chaos Magick', on pages 34 through to 51. The operation produced a large amount of 16mm film and video with an original intention of producing a 16mm film as the central magical artifact or charged object that would result from the operation. Money, however, is much needed for 16mm film work and it was never quite there, so the 16mm rushes sit in my film fridge awaiting the day when I might be able to spare the 10-15k needed to finalise the print. In the meantime all those rushes were telecined onto video, a trailer was made, a picture cut (video edit) of the film was finalised as well as a documentary type accompaniment, called 'Chronomancy'. These edits were finished and remain on hard disk but Indifference Productions, the business that was producing the film and providing the finance, closed down in 2006 and went into hibernation as the recession began to kick in and work dried up. It is hoped that the film might be retrieved and a DVD of the video material put together and perhaps, more than a decade after the operation began, it would be fitting to take another step forwards - as in all things magical, it kinda depends on what happens though...we'll let you know if something moves.

Razorsmile (previously aka Keyman)