fotamecus film majik

linked below are a series of working documents that give a full explanation of the project.

the project grew out of original work by Fenwick Rhysen. he produced and tested a servitor for the epxansion and compression of time and then went on to develop this servitor with viral techniques. we took up the thread, twisted it a little for our own purposes and added our energy to a project to destroy linear time. these document should give you a basic rundown on the magical background to the scheme and we will be adding more information as we come up to the public premiere and launch of the project.

January 2003 Documents (original working texts for the project)


Please note - the 'Godmaker Program' referred to in the PDF's etc is no longer operational - all references to this on leaflets or on the website are now defunct (as of 2011). The pre-sale thing never worked, probably because I've never been interested enough in mnoney to be very good at getting more than the minimum I needed.