the autogeography of a no/body

Nov 7

It's Dying

You're empty,
This is empty,
The candle's burned right down
And all I wanted
Was a clean sheet of paper.
All I wanted
Was for you to say
“I love you”.

“Why do you need to hear it woman?”
Because …
Because I can't believe it,
Unless it's out there,
Squaring up to reality,
Biting it's thumb.
“At me Sir?”
“Yes, at you Sir”.

We fenced like that all day,
Every day,
Trading our relationship
Like stolen goods,
Driving the insanity cart
To hell and back …
Speed freaks,
The pair of us.

And now it's all burned out,
Like that candle,
Wax liquid waning,
Flame guttering.

It'll be dark soon.
Best close the curtains.
Must go to bed.
I'll find you in my dreams.