the autogeography of a no/body

Jan 5

small day, big things

well, matt finally handed in his phd, which is incredible. we went for lunch at the dorset after, and then a nap. over the weekend did lots of research on ww1 and 2, don't really know where to go with albert.

Jan 1

today – obviously

matt printed out his final copy of his PhD, ready to be photocopied and bound and handed in on Monday. He started this the day after Raven was born, and she's seven and a bit now, looking at her and then looking at the ream of paper …

it's been hard work just recently, he's been working so hard, and the kids and christmas, it's been hard to keep up with the washing and cooking and cleaning, and i'm not exactly mother mirth or housewife of the year.

it's also weird cos everything is going to change, he's finished, i've jacked in my job to get on with film work, concentrate on writing on making films, it's just that everything is going to change, it's like going over a cliff in a canoe and hoping to survive the waterfall.