// About the ‘zine

razorsmile.org is devoted to the pursuit of peculiar activities, most of which aim at experimentation with consciousness and majik.  we are what is commonly called ‘chaos majik’ practitioners.  the blog is a space for us to present ideas and reports from experiments, to discuss these with others who might be interested and to reach out and connect with like-minded psychonauts across the globe. if you’re interested then get in touch…What is RAZORSMILE?

(the following is our original ‘project outline’ – the physical zine, which you can buy online here, is still something we intend to intermittently produce but of course the online blog is something that’s been added to the situation now)

Our tagline is ‘A journey of chaotic philosophy, majik, politics and lives.’ What exactly might we mean by this?

The journey…not quite a zine, not quite a journal, not quite a magazine, it’s always dificult to try and find those pigeonholes that people need to put things in, always uncomfortable to place a project within one of these confines since it allows for so litte freedom. The journey is a stoned spelling mistake for journal, a metaphoric allusion to ‘the ways’ we all take through life, a literal description of what we hope happens during the course of reading the texts.


Chaotic…because we want it to feed from an amorphous undergound mass of practical and intellectual activity that needs to remain fluid in our minds eye, articulating some pre-conscious awareness of a sense in the air. Philosophically … because the edit/or derives a lot of inspiration from Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, for whom the ‘chaos’ of difference is the primary matter of being. Majikally … because we derive inspiration from ‘chaos majik’, where the structures of religions, systems, beliefs and practices are put into experimental free-fall allowing the exploration and creation of alternative concscious nesses. Politically … because we have a multitude of opinions, from anarchist to Trotskyist to situationist anti-politics, recognising the need for decisions but needing a space of free indetermined thought. Lives…well, that’s what everything is about and it is truly chaotic.

How does this work?

Indifference Productions are producing the journal on a practical day to day level, through their new textual imprint called RECIDIVIST PRESS. They hope to publish further works through that imprint and Razorsmile will provide some basis for establishing connections and networks of distribution for this further work. Matt Lee, aka Keyman, has taken on the edit/or ship of the journal.

Each issue will contain a CD-Rom. The first issue is limited to 500 copies and each one is signed and numbered by the edit/or. Issue 1 (Samhain 2002) has a hand-made mandala on the front cover. Future issues will also be signed and limited in their print run, with a CD-Rom and a hand-made art piece on the front cover. We value the craft of the hand and want to mix the extremes of the data age, which we can contain on the CD-ROM, with the intricacies of the hand. The hand will touch the front cover, whilst the back cover opens onto the chaotic morphing world of the virtual information stream. Think of it as a conical vortex, with the touch of a hand as its apex of entry.

The journey arose from the PACT group in Brighton, a loose working group of chaos majikal practitioners. All those involved in PACT are to a greater or lesser extent responsible for this project. Toby has been an absolute diamond, providing us with fabulous practical support; Morrigan, as head of Indifference Productions, gave the project the go-ahead and has backed it wholeheartedly; Helen, Rosa and Julian have all contributed a little extra when needed and everyone in PACT provided the basis for the magazine in terms of words and energy..

Special thanks go to Nema, Simon Whitechapel, Lewis Lacook, Alan Sondheim, Paul Cecil and Ian McLeod who allowed us to republish bits both in the magazine and on the CD-Rom in Issue 1.

How can you contribute?

We want to bring interesting and curious work into the life stream of the text. We are looking for experimental, avant garde writing of any sort and would be happy to consider most things. Short stories, texts that work on either paper or screen are all welcome. We will also consider films, music and multi-media of any decsription for the CD-Rom.

Other things we want are: philosophy from the edges of the academy but the heart of that subject; diary extracts, from either majikal practices or everyday lives, found texts of intimacy and subjectivity; chaos majik and shamanistic theory, practice and reports; political information, news and views that don’t fit anywhere else; image memes; PC utilities; e-books for re-distribution.

Send all contributions to:

Matt Lee, (aka: Razorsmile)