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SIRP and Signs

The Meditation Group is now two groups, since we grew to 9 and the room was getting a little cramped.  There was also the issue of the new members not having gone through the same process as the previous group of 5 (the Qesheth working mainly) and so we now have 2 groups meeting fortnightly […]

The Three-Letters working

The meditation group has begun a new cycle of activity following an influx of members that took us from our regular 5 to a regular 9.  In order to advance this first ‘series’ of workings on the tree (the QShTh, Qesheth working) I decided to add in a specific element which would involve each individual […]


Lon Milo Duquette sent out an email with some details on his new book on Enochian magick. A couple of links an outline of the blurb that will go on the book.