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Simple Raphael boon rite

June 2nd working The group had to divert its work after the initial Enochian operation because of some members having pressing concerns of life and death that they had to spend time on.  One of our number was away and dealing with such an issue so we opened out temple space in the usual way, […]

Enochian working 1 – Axir – 14 April 2010 – (with notes and thoughts for further actions)

Wednesday April 14th 2010

The action intended to call Axir, Earth of Earth ‘servient angel’, who are ‘powerful and learned in transformation’.

Quite how to do it…

This post offers a review of the Brighton groups activities so far as we move into a new series of workings and an initial protocol for those new workings. The first section is a short review of our practice so far, the second the protocol of practice for the upcoming work.

Hekate working (#1) – Hekate’s Fountain

The three of us process separately down to the fountain, gathering after dark on the steps that surround it.  Sunday evening activity surrounds the area, people wandering to and fro.  Just behind the tree a fence twists around the park, surrounding a food festival of some sort that was there during the day.  The air […]

Building the temple of Tiphareth

A look at the way the Meditation Group in Brighton does it’s kabbalistic pathworking, using the example of a pathworking for Tiphareth.