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Enochian working 7–Daat–19 January 2011

We formed up in the Temple in the Sky – M, R, J, F and G present.  G had been away with various projects for a while so it was good to catch up with him.  J was Scrying and M was operating. Nature: Kind of something swirling, swirling patterns particles Taste: Audio, tasting battery […]

Enochian Group Scrying #1: Aethyr 30, TEX

The group met on the 24th Nov, having finished the first cycle of Enochian angelic work at the previous gathering.  This meeting was to be a group scrying session, focussed on the 30th Aire, TEX. We chatted about the structure of the rite, with a couple of differing opinions about how we might organise it.  […]

Enochian working 6 – Laidrom – 17th November 2010

M Scrying F Operating Q: What is your name? A: Vorsec/h Q: What is your nature? A: That which is doubling. Q: What do you taste like? A:  Sweet fruits Q: What is your colour? A: 2 colours: masonry like, like but not the same as sand coloured in tone; the other colour is grey.  […]

Cerridwen’s Cauldron

The full moon this month, November, brings razorsmile and morrigan together to begin the Cerridwen’s Cauldron rite.  This is a year long (year and a day) cookfest, in which each month a cauldron is simmered up for 3 hours, certain things chucked in and cooked, the whole gradually forming a melting pot for the year. […]

Enochian working 5 – Do op – 13th October 2010

R Scrying F Operating The scryer settled himself and I asked if he was ready to commence.  M answered “Yes.” Q:  What is your name? A: Do op… I think is there.  The name is not said that way? Q: How do you feel the name should be said? A: Dau.. Dower/Dauer….. Doe… Q: What […]

Enochian working 4 – Rxao – 29 Sept 2010 – ‘An Unexpected Guest’

Wednesday 29th September 2010 After a break of two weeks, we once again gathered in the basement temple of M & R. Remaining within the Earth subangle of the Earth tablet, we chose to call RXAO. After settling into the temple space, we performed the usual preparatory ceremonies – 3x Qabbalistic Cross, LBRP, 3x QC, […]

A daily Enochian ‘LBRP’ rite

There is an interesting little ritual over here on hermetic.com.  It’s called ‘A daily opening – in the tradition of Regardie’s opening by watchtower’ and might be a useful personal rite to go alongside the Enochian actions.

Enochian working 3 – Opna – 8 Sept 2010

Wednesday 8th September In the temple in the sky. We decided to call OPNA from the Earth of Earth subangle of the Revised Great Table, following on from our previous work in calling Axir from the same location. Once again, we meet in the temple in the sky, some 15 floors above the earth.   The […]

Enochian working 2 – Axir – 1 Sept 2010

Wednesday 1st Sept 2010 The first action in this series had been a number of months ago and so the group spent an hour or so catching up, exchanging news and relaxing together.  We were missing one member, who was unavailable for another couple of months but keeping in touch and following the workings, so […]

Archive radioshows

A couple of the radioshows have been sourced and uploaded to the podcast archive over here where I will be trying to keep things a little more orderly in future.  I haven’t yet got round to any sort of playlists for the archive material but will see if I can get onto that at some […]