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Fotamecus Film Majik

Fotamecus Film Majik from matt lee on Vimeo.


Fotamecus from Fotamecus Timeout on Vimeo. "time is invention, or it is nothing at all" : Henri Bergson


Enochian Working 9 – Ormn –20 July 2011

We met in the basement temple, Morrigan operating and Razorsmile scrying.  We called on ORMN, from the Air subangle of the Elemental Tablet of Earth.  ORMN is one of ‘16 good angels most skilled and powerful in medicine and the curing of disease’. What taste do you have? Nothing to do with taste. What colour? […]

The meditation of Mr Y

The group met last night for a relaxed session, a break from the ongoing Enochian work.  We opened the temple as usual, meditated together for a while and then Morrigan did an experimental visualisation, less a pathworking  (since it wasn’t located on a path of any specific kind) and more an experiment in magical storytelling, […]

Enochian Working 8 – Aira – 12th April 2011

On 12 April 2011 we met in the Razorsmile basement temple in order to contact AIRA from the Air subangle of the Earth elemental tablet, using the revised procedure. Adam scrying, Cosmillogica operating. C: Thank you for coming to see us. Can you tell us your name? A: I see an eye. It looks like […]

Enochian Group Scrying #2: Aethyr 30, TEX – individual report

We carried out two group scrying session, one on Nov 24th 2010 and one on May 11th 2011.  Despite the time between the two they had a very strong sense of continuity for me. In the first session I had got a vivid visual ‘place’ image, almost a map. At first I had though I […]

Enochian skrying: Aethyr 29, RII

Aethyr 29, RII Date: Thursday 2nd June,  8pm, day after new moon Method: Shower, stretch, relaxation ritual, LBRP, read call, skry with eyes closed Result: As read call looked at English version, found slightly unsettling halfway through. Felt soles of feet buzz and a bright white light increasing at edge of my field of vision […]

Hekate–rite of her sacred fires

Last year Sorita D’Este initiated a celebration rite for Hekate that was publicised and which attracted a fair degree of interest.  This year (2011) the rite is taking place again, on MONDAY 16TH MAY in what might become an annual celebration – more details can be found here and the rite is based on the […]

Revised Enochian Action protocol–12 Feb 2011

After 7 Enochian actions now, each with some interesting results, the sense of familiarity with the system is growing and we can begin to adapt and shift things to improve the workings.  It is clear that the system is large and complicated but simultaneously will benefit from the ‘learning by heart’ that is common to […]