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Rhizomatic threads for a friend #1

Adam Curtis, who is one of the most interesting film-makers in/from the UK at the moment, produces these fascinating documentary/filmic essays where he trawls the archives and retells histories that lie just under our consciousness.  His BBC blog is over here http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/adamcurtis/ and some of his films seem to be available via this blog (http://adamcurtisfilms.blogspot.co.uk/) […]

Welcome to the Civil War – Tarnac9 update

Underneath the pseudo-politics of the media and so-called politicians there is a growing radicality in the resistance. Moral exhortations to be better and giving way to people willing to take action, revolution is in the air again and the chill winter of capitalism is beginning to thaw.

We Have Begun… FREE THE TARNAC 9 – A statement of support by Giorgio Agamben

This is from Semiotext, via Fark Yaralar? = Scars of Diff√©rance. It is in reference to the arrest of people in France on ‘terrorist’ charges, notably of Julien Coupat from Tiqqun.¬† The Tiqqun book, a small 88page book that fits in your back pocket and has been distributed free across Europe in recent months, is […]

Radio4a benefit gig!

Radio4A is the Brighton based, anarchist inspired pirate radio that razorsmile has a Sunday night show on.