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Shedding light onto the Great Table

During our last session we came across an inconsistency. We had previously assumed that the names used in the hierarchical address were to be taken from the Revised Table which was received by Dee and Kelley in April 1587, three years after the conception of the original Great Table. However the two God names which […]

Enochian working 4 – Rxao – 29 Sept 2010 – ‘An Unexpected Guest’

Wednesday 29th September 2010 After a break of two weeks, we once again gathered in the basement temple of M & R. Remaining within the Earth subangle of the Earth tablet, we chose to call RXAO. After settling into the temple space, we performed the usual preparatory ceremonies – 3x Qabbalistic Cross, LBRP, 3x QC, […]

Protocol for the invocation of lesser angels (example ‘OPNA’)

During our previous invocations, we adapted the procedure described in Lon Milo DuQuettes ‘Enochian Vision Magic’. I have outlined the protocol for this ceremony, with reference to the target angel whom we addressed last time, OPNA, who resides in the Earth subangle of the Earth tablet. Most of the protocol will remain the same when […]

Enochian working 3 – Opna – 8 Sept 2010

Wednesday 8th September In the temple in the sky. We decided to call OPNA from the Earth of Earth subangle of the Revised Great Table, following on from our previous work in calling Axir from the same location. Once again, we meet in the temple in the sky, some 15 floors above the earth.   The […]

Enochian working 2 – Axir – 1 Sept 2010

Wednesday 1st Sept 2010 The first action in this series had been a number of months ago and so the group spent an hour or so catching up, exchanging news and relaxing together.  We were missing one member, who was unavailable for another couple of months but keeping in touch and following the workings, so […]

Create’n’charge a qabalistic talisman

Intent: wealth. Process: recounted diary style.

Simple Raphael boon rite

June 2nd working The group had to divert its work after the initial Enochian operation because of some members having pressing concerns of life and death that they had to spend time on.  One of our number was away and dealing with such an issue so we opened out temple space in the usual way, […]

Enochian working 1 – Axir – 14 April 2010 – (with notes and thoughts for further actions)

Wednesday April 14th 2010

The action intended to call Axir, Earth of Earth ‘servient angel’, who are ‘powerful and learned in transformation’.


Describing people as elementals

On Catkins and Lawrence

knowledge, consciousness, passion, sensuality, how to become the beast