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Rhizomatic threads for a friend #1

Adam Curtis, who is one of the most interesting film-makers in/from the UK at the moment, produces these fascinating documentary/filmic essays where he trawls the archives and retells histories that lie just under our consciousness.  His BBC blog is over here http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/adamcurtis/ and some of his films seem to be available via this blog (http://adamcurtisfilms.blogspot.co.uk/) […]

Vide, Aude, Tace

Pagans, occultists and magicians seem increasingly incapable of being silent.  The horizon of the occult community seems increasingly dominated by the rapid rise of publications, books and trinkets for sale and the increasingly vociferous voices that seem insistent on telling us how it is.  The noise is almost overwhelming, the signal increasingly distorted.  Harpocrates, son […]

The call of the woods

For the last two or three years I have been mainly working within temple spaces.  These have varied from rooms booked in community centres to my own altar space. The one thing shared by these various spaces however is that they are indoors. This might seem obvious and inconsequential but in fact for most of […]

Is everybody in, the ceremony is about to begin…

This is the opening to the Razorsmile Radioshow, which goes out on Radio 4a and is available – a few at least – in podcasts from this site. ┬áHaving bumped into a radio4a-er the other day, I was reminded about this venture and should be reactivating that project, with a little more music and fun […]

On Catkins and Lawrence

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Fugitive thoughts

This is a short piece by Morrigan, more can be found on her blog or you can follow her current novel in progress as part of Nanowrimo month…