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The Lamen

Beware of wavering. Blot out suspicion of us, for we are God’s creatures that have reigned, do reign, and shall reign forever. All our Mysteries shall be known unto you. – The Angel BRALGES, one of the Angelic Princes named on the Lamen, November 16, 1582 Another one of my Photoshop efforts, this time the […]

The complete Sigillum Dei Æmeth

Fresh from Cosmillogica’s paint box. I couldn’t find a decent quality image of the sigil anywhere, so I decided to make one myself. This modernised version took about two afternoons to make. I’m pretty sure that’s a lot faster than carving it out of wax! I can’t recommend exercises like this enough! The original Photoshop […]

Photoshop as therapy

Things that make the head spin, Vol. 1:
Colours make the world go round. Or square.

A symbolic representation of the Universe

This nice little bit of software displays the Tabula Recensa, Liber Scientiae, all the calls, the tablets of the 49 good angels, vocalizations of the calls, the Tabula Bonorum, the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, the ring of Solomon, the heptarchic lamens and more along with animations and other gadgets.

Food and the return of something-or-other

After the intense experience of having undergone months of nausea, semi-starvation and near-paralysis due to the lack of any kind of energy to draw upon, I had the delightful experience of being able to enjoy two days with almost zero obligations other than to regenerate my vital life forces and keep myself as happy and […]

Quite how to do it…

This post offers a review of the Brighton groups activities so far as we move into a new series of workings and an initial protocol for those new workings. The first section is a short review of our practice so far, the second the protocol of practice for the upcoming work.

Images of the elemental tables in Photoshop

An interesting blog post over here at Lemegeton.  This person has built Photoshop files of the elemental tables, all beautifully coloured.  I know at least one person in our group has an interest in Photoshop so thought these might come in useful.

assorted synchronicities

A few meaningful coincidences surrounding the commencement of preparations for the Enochian work


Lon Milo Duquette sent out an email with some details on his new book on Enochian magick. A couple of links an outline of the blurb that will go on the book.