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Revised Enochian Action protocol–12 Feb 2011

After 7 Enochian actions now, each with some interesting results, the sense of familiarity with the system is growing and we can begin to adapt and shift things to improve the workings.  It is clear that the system is large and complicated but simultaneously will benefit from the ‘learning by heart’ that is common to […]

Book of the Seniors, B.Rowe

This is a fascinating account of Benjamin Rowe’s workings with the Seniors of the Angels, with the outline of a whole cosmology http://hermetic.com/browe/seniors.html

Enochian Scrying video recordings

There’s some interesting video recordings of Enochian Aethry scrying over here on Philip Harper’s blog, perhaps worth a look for comparison and contrast with our own techniques and work.

The Holy Table

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Shedding light onto the Great Table

During our last session we came across an inconsistency. We had previously assumed that the names used in the hierarchical address were to be taken from the Revised Table which was received by Dee and Kelley in April 1587, three years after the conception of the original Great Table. However the two God names which […]

Protocol for the invocation of lesser angels (example ‘OPNA’)

During our previous invocations, we adapted the procedure described in Lon Milo DuQuettes ‘Enochian Vision Magic’. I have outlined the protocol for this ceremony, with reference to the target angel whom we addressed last time, OPNA, who resides in the Earth subangle of the Earth tablet. Most of the protocol will remain the same when […]

A daily Enochian ‘LBRP’ rite

There is an interesting little ritual over here on hermetic.com.  It’s called ‘A daily opening – in the tradition of Regardie’s opening by watchtower’ and might be a useful personal rite to go alongside the Enochian actions.

Enochian Pronunciation

A few weeks ago I received an interesting ebook on Enochian Pronounciation. The PDF contained links to the archive at hermetic.com where the original material can be found. This link will take you there.

Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition – on angelic work

The latest issue of the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition (No. 18, Vol. 2. Vernal Equinox 2010) has a focus on Angelic work and has some interesting looking articles on Enochian work which might be of particular interest – go here and take a look

14th March

so as i was reading thru the ring chapter, in preparation to make my lovely paper ring, i noticed the instructions had been given on 14th march 1582, funny, as today is also 14th march.