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Enochian working 3 – Opna – 8 Sept 2010

Wednesday 8th September In the temple in the sky. We decided to call OPNA from the Earth of Earth subangle of the Revised Great Table, following on from our previous work in calling Axir from the same location. Once again, we meet in the temple in the sky, some 15 floors above the earth.   The […]

The call of the woods

For the last two or three years I have been mainly working within temple spaces.  These have varied from rooms booked in community centres to my own altar space. The one thing shared by these various spaces however is that they are indoors. This might seem obvious and inconsequential but in fact for most of […]

Philosophy and sorcery

I’m currently revising an essay I wrote a while ago on intitiation, a short version of which I delivered at a conference a couple of years ago where the organisers filmed all the presentations.  As I’ve been working on that, however, I’ve been gathering together various other bits and pieces of writing that combine philosophical […]

Enochian working 2 – Axir – 1 Sept 2010

Wednesday 1st Sept 2010 The first action in this series had been a number of months ago and so the group spent an hour or so catching up, exchanging news and relaxing together.  We were missing one member, who was unavailable for another couple of months but keeping in touch and following the workings, so […]

Archive radioshows

A couple of the radioshows have been sourced and uploaded to the podcast archive over here where I will be trying to keep things a little more orderly in future.  I haven’t yet got round to any sort of playlists for the archive material but will see if I can get onto that at some […]

Simple Raphael boon rite

June 2nd working The group had to divert its work after the initial Enochian operation because of some members having pressing concerns of life and death that they had to spend time on.  One of our number was away and dealing with such an issue so we opened out temple space in the usual way, […]

Is everybody in, the ceremony is about to begin…

This is the opening to the Razorsmile Radioshow, which goes out on Radio 4a and is available – a few at least – in podcasts from this site.  Having bumped into a radio4a-er the other day, I was reminded about this venture and should be reactivating that project, with a little more music and fun […]

Enochian working 1 – Axir – 14 April 2010 – (with notes and thoughts for further actions)

Wednesday April 14th 2010

The action intended to call Axir, Earth of Earth ‘servient angel’, who are ‘powerful and learned in transformation’.

Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition – on angelic work

The latest issue of the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition (No. 18, Vol. 2. Vernal Equinox 2010) has a focus on Angelic work and has some interesting looking articles on Enochian work which might be of particular interest – go here and take a look

Quite how to do it…

This post offers a review of the Brighton groups activities so far as we move into a new series of workings and an initial protocol for those new workings. The first section is a short review of our practice so far, the second the protocol of practice for the upcoming work.