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Enochian Group Scrying #2: Aethyr 30, TEX – individual report

We carried out two group scrying session, one on Nov 24th 2010 and one on May 11th 2011.  Despite the time between the two they had a very strong sense of continuity for me. In the first session I had got a vivid visual ‘place’ image, almost a map. At first I had though I […]

Hekate–rite of her sacred fires

Last year Sorita D’Este initiated a celebration rite for Hekate that was publicised and which attracted a fair degree of interest.  This year (2011) the rite is taking place again, on MONDAY 16TH MAY in what might become an annual celebration – more details can be found here and the rite is based on the […]

Revised Enochian Action protocol–12 Feb 2011

After 7 Enochian actions now, each with some interesting results, the sense of familiarity with the system is growing and we can begin to adapt and shift things to improve the workings.  It is clear that the system is large and complicated but simultaneously will benefit from the ‘learning by heart’ that is common to […]

Book of the Seniors, B.Rowe

This is a fascinating account of Benjamin Rowe’s workings with the Seniors of the Angels, with the outline of a whole cosmology http://hermetic.com/browe/seniors.html

Enochian working 7–Daat–19 January 2011

We formed up in the Temple in the Sky – M, R, J, F and G present.  G had been away with various projects for a while so it was good to catch up with him.  J was Scrying and M was operating. Nature: Kind of something swirling, swirling patterns particles Taste: Audio, tasting battery […]

Enochian Scrying video recordings

There’s some interesting video recordings of Enochian Aethry scrying over here on Philip Harper’s blog, perhaps worth a look for comparison and contrast with our own techniques and work.

Enochian Group Scrying #1: Aethyr 30, TEX

The group met on the 24th Nov, having finished the first cycle of Enochian angelic work at the previous gathering.  This meeting was to be a group scrying session, focussed on the 30th Aire, TEX. We chatted about the structure of the rite, with a couple of differing opinions about how we might organise it.  […]

Covenant of Hekate

Some of us might be interested in this new development – “The Covenant of Hekate (CoH) was born out of the desire to create a community and centre of study for those who share a passion for the history, mysteries and magic of the Goddess Hekate.”  More info here.

Cerridwen’s Cauldron

The full moon this month, November, brings razorsmile and morrigan together to begin the Cerridwen’s Cauldron rite.  This is a year long (year and a day) cookfest, in which each month a cauldron is simmered up for 3 hours, certain things chucked in and cooked, the whole gradually forming a melting pot for the year. […]

A daily Enochian ‘LBRP’ rite

There is an interesting little ritual over here on hermetic.com.  It’s called ‘A daily opening – in the tradition of Regardie’s opening by watchtower’ and might be a useful personal rite to go alongside the Enochian actions.