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On intention and sincerity

I want to take a moment to think about why I am working with the dragon book and the ‘sabbatic current’. I’m not in any way connected to the Cultus Sabbati, I’m not a ‘sabbatic witch’ nor am I in any way able to, nor desire to, speak for or with any knowledge of that […]

Here be dragons.

For the last nine months my work has been increasingly focused on the Dragon, with the structure being formed primarily by The Dragon Book of Essex by Andrew Chumbley.  I’ve followed a path that has been very loosely inspired by the ‘sabbatical current for somewhere near a decade now, with the figures of Azra Lumial […]

Rhizomatic threads for a friend #1

Adam Curtis, who is one of the most interesting film-makers in/from the UK at the moment, produces these fascinating documentary/filmic essays where he trawls the archives and retells histories that lie just under our consciousness.  His BBC blog is over here http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/adamcurtis/ and some of his films seem to be available via this blog (http://adamcurtisfilms.blogspot.co.uk/) […]

Fotamecus Film Majik

Fotamecus Film Majik from matt lee on Vimeo.


Fotamecus from Fotamecus Timeout on Vimeo. "time is invention, or it is nothing at all" : Henri Bergson

Vide, Aude, Tace

Pagans, occultists and magicians seem increasingly incapable of being silent.  The horizon of the occult community seems increasingly dominated by the rapid rise of publications, books and trinkets for sale and the increasingly vociferous voices that seem insistent on telling us how it is.  The noise is almost overwhelming, the signal increasingly distorted.  Harpocrates, son […]


Fotamecus film excerpts

I posted an excerpt from the fotamecus project up on YouTube.  The old trailer is still up on YouTube and the site focussed on the project is over here.

Enochian Working 9 – Ormn –20 July 2011

We met in the basement temple, Morrigan operating and Razorsmile scrying.  We called on ORMN, from the Air subangle of the Elemental Tablet of Earth.  ORMN is one of ‘16 good angels most skilled and powerful in medicine and the curing of disease’. What taste do you have? Nothing to do with taste. What colour? […]

The meditation of Mr Y

The group met last night for a relaxed session, a break from the ongoing Enochian work.  We opened the temple as usual, meditated together for a while and then Morrigan did an experimental visualisation, less a pathworking  (since it wasn’t located on a path of any specific kind) and more an experiment in magical storytelling, […]