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Enochian Working 8 – Aira – 12th April 2011

On 12 April 2011 we met in the Razorsmile basement temple in order to contact AIRA from the Air subangle of the Earth elemental tablet, using the revised procedure. Adam scrying, Cosmillogica operating. C: Thank you for coming to see us. Can you tell us your name? A: I see an eye. It looks like […]

The Holy Table

Not Many Words Needed v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v ^v^ v^v

Shedding light onto the Great Table

During our last session we came across an inconsistency. We had previously assumed that the names used in the hierarchical address were to be taken from the Revised Table which was received by Dee and Kelley in April 1587, three years after the conception of the original Great Table. However the two God names which […]

Enochian working 4 – Rxao – 29 Sept 2010 – ‘An Unexpected Guest’

Wednesday 29th September 2010 After a break of two weeks, we once again gathered in the basement temple of M & R. Remaining within the Earth subangle of the Earth tablet, we chose to call RXAO. After settling into the temple space, we performed the usual preparatory ceremonies – 3x Qabbalistic Cross, LBRP, 3x QC, […]

Protocol for the invocation of lesser angels (example ‘OPNA’)

During our previous invocations, we adapted the procedure described in Lon Milo DuQuettes ‘Enochian Vision Magic’. I have outlined the protocol for this ceremony, with reference to the target angel whom we addressed last time, OPNA, who resides in the Earth subangle of the Earth tablet. Most of the protocol will remain the same when […]

Enochian Pronunciation

A few weeks ago I received an interesting ebook on Enochian Pronounciation. The PDF contained links to the archive at hermetic.com where the original material can be found. This link will take you there.

The Lamen

Beware of wavering. Blot out suspicion of us, for we are God’s creatures that have reigned, do reign, and shall reign forever. All our Mysteries shall be known unto you. – The Angel BRALGES, one of the Angelic Princes named on the Lamen, November 16, 1582 Another one of my Photoshop efforts, this time the […]

The complete Sigillum Dei Æmeth

Fresh from Cosmillogica’s paint box. I couldn’t find a decent quality image of the sigil anywhere, so I decided to make one myself. This modernised version took about two afternoons to make. I’m pretty sure that’s a lot faster than carving it out of wax! I can’t recommend exercises like this enough! The original Photoshop […]

Photoshop as therapy

Things that make the head spin, Vol. 1:
Colours make the world go round. Or square.

A symbolic representation of the Universe

This nice little bit of software displays the Tabula Recensa, Liber Scientiae, all the calls, the tablets of the 49 good angels, vocalizations of the calls, the Tabula Bonorum, the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, the ring of Solomon, the heptarchic lamens and more along with animations and other gadgets.