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Enochian working 6 – Laidrom – 17th November 2010

M Scrying F Operating Q: What is your name? A: Vorsec/h Q: What is your nature? A: That which is doubling. Q: What do you taste like? A:  Sweet fruits Q: What is your colour? A: 2 colours: masonry like, like but not the same as sand coloured in tone; the other colour is grey.  […]

Enochian working 5 – Do op – 13th October 2010

R Scrying F Operating The scryer settled himself and I asked if he was ready to commence.  M answered “Yes.” Q:  What is your name? A: Do op… I think is there.  The name is not said that way? Q: How do you feel the name should be said? A: Dau.. Dower/Dauer….. Doe… Q: What […]