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2014 – somefuturetime

Cainite working group

A new working group is soon to be gathered together, the starting point being the mystery play, ‘Cain’ by Lord Byron.  If interested, then contact razorsmile for an initial and informal chat.


Kabalistic and Enochian Working Group

There is no ‘razorsmile’ majikal group but there is a majikal group that razorsmile is part of.  Originally begun as a kabbalistic meditation group, basing itself – in a chaotic way – on the Golden Dawn and Dion Fortune’s ‘The mystical qabbalah’ (13th Impression, 1979, current holder Razorsmile since 29 April 05, previous holder Eden 2 from 31st august 83, E.V.) – the group developed its own form of expressing the Qabalistic Cross, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and the Middle Pillar, later adding its own form of the Superior Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram.  These practical vocal and physical expressions were established over the course of 3 years, with a small shifting of people who came and went, with the group settling down to 6 regularly meeting magicians, each with their own practice and background.

The group has moved from the original kabbalistic workings, which involved opening the temple space with own own expressions of the rites before holding silent meditiation and pathworking, towards enochian work.  In this new endeavour we have used Lon Milo DuQuette’s book, ‘Enochian Vision Magick’, as a practical guide and have spent the early part of 2010 getting familiar with the system and building the temple furntiture.  Enochian actions began in April 2010 and will no doubt carry on until we decide to do something else.

The group is a closed or semi-closed group, informally organised but not informal in its work.  There are no policies or rules other than the ones we make up for particular practices as we go along, so no rules on new members or such like.  If, however, you were interested in some sort of practical co-operation, then you are welcome to write to matt AT razorsmile and have a chat.

[NOTE – as of 2012 the working group is closed, in an entirely amicable way, although there are plans for a new project.  Razorsmile is always happy to consider group projects or work with other mages so if you have something you want to suggest do please do so. ]

c.2005 – c.2007 

Protomorphic working group

c.2000-c.2005 (although time is strange with this one, so no real end point)

Fotamecus working group