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Here be dragons.

For the last nine months my work has been increasingly focused on the Dragon, with the structure being formed primarily by The Dragon Book of Essex by Andrew Chumbley.  I’ve followed a path that has been very loosely inspired by the ‘sabbatical current for somewhere near a decade now, with the figures of Azra Lumial and Qayin being central to my work by operating as core entity structures around which much else was assembled.  My methodology is still primarily chaos magic and I’m not sure I feel any need to name myself as anything other than a chaos magician, although I’ve used the notion of ‘sorcerer’ for a wider public where the differentiating factors internal to magical practices are meaningless.  That being said, my chaos magic has pursued longer lines of enquiry and activity these last few years, although the syncretic hodge podge of interests is second nature.  I get bored easy, meh, tis the way things are.

All that said, the last period of work, informally from last August and formally from November, has been centred on this one particular system that has absorbed all my focus.  At this point in time it is the Beltane moment, the time of the Bha ‘rite of the two horns’ within the draconic cycle of work and is also the moment when the seeds have taken root, sprouted and turned their green towards the sun.  It also feels like it’s time to explore this work in terms of the ‘public’ work of razorsmile.  This is therefore just a brief note to locate this moment, to initiate its’ flows inside the wider formations of the world.

Beltane bright blessings.

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