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Enochian Workings

Enochian Working 9 – Ormn –20 July 2011


We met in the basement temple, Morrigan operating and Razorsmile scrying.  We called on ORMN, from the Air subangle of the Elemental Tablet of Earth.  ORMN is one of ‘16 good angels most skilled and powerful in medicine and the curing of disease’.

What taste do you have? Nothing to do with taste.

What colour?

What feeling? Slimy but not slimy, wet but not wet.  You wouldn’t like it. They’re not watery but that’s where they are.  No why.  It’s not water…it is ‘that which things are in’.

What sound? …  What smell? …

What emotion?  Relaxing, drift down.

Someone is sitting in a chair, leg crossed, small amount of light.  Strange head.  Can see their chest, fish head of some sort.  Chest is sloping out.  No mouth, just a hole.  He moves slowly, not sure whether he’s old.  They’re not sure.  Not a he, doesn’t like it.  Not lonely, not on own. Something about the way we should … taking images, taking them in.

We should be taking them in more clearly.

What is their happiness? A little silver ring.

What is their sadness?  don’t know

They’re very dismissive.  They don’t think of us, they just don’t really think of us.

What do they think of?  The silver ring.  They do the silver ring, the silver ring is an activity, a thing not an an object.

Not interested in us going back.  Go somewhere else.


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