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Enochian Scryings

Enochian Group Scrying #2: Aethyr 30, TEX – individual report

We carried out two group scrying session, one on Nov 24th 2010 and one on May 11th 2011.  Despite the time between the two they had a very strong sense of continuity for me. In the first session I had got a vivid visual ‘place’ image, almost a map.

30th Aethyr mapAt first I had though I was looking at a scene, a simple beach scene, but the anomaly of the night in the top and the daylight at the bottom of this scene had then prompted the realisation that it wasn’t a place but a map of a place.  The image I sketched afterwards is poor and schematic but enough for me to bring the place back to minds eye rapidly.  The written report accompanying the image was as follows:

4 names, 4 places (air, water, earth, fire-nightsky-stars) but night in fron daylight behind (air: advorpt – can only see air in day) (night: Gemnimb?) but we’re not elementals! (laughs) spaces / steps / place / organisation / structure.


This gateway (don;t think about behind you or the telling) stay focussed on in front – desert, sandy, red slope to the left, go towards it.

Maze.  Low bricks in sand, very red.  Space / path in between but not joined.  Great table sigils laid out in ‘3d’ (real) walk among.  Size of a foot space, dance, walk among, find somewhere in table but decline m to go up to see where, too confusing.  standing at advorpt sigil.

strengthen body of journeyer as body n this space (see if you need to).

The next session, May 11th 2011

Waterfall was the first thing seen – tongue, language (fall), going back upstream, to source, as salmon and hence wisdom association.

Iago, Iagogo

Then reminded of previous scene, stone wall, field, night sky, morning, stream and the waterfall in the image as the stream.

but this ‘projected’, a distance from this image

open to light, let light in, all good souls here

roebuck ahead, over some green bush

roebuck in the thicket, wheel of 8, pump to get upstream, move back and forward on stream

sensation as imagery

My notes, forming more of a stream of consciousness collection of dream notes than a coherent account, hinted strongly of a sense of ‘stream’, of something like a river journey.  This seems perhaps appropriate, with the idea that travelling through the aires is akin to moving upstream, inland, through the waterways that were pathways.


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