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Enochian Scryings

Enochian skrying: Aethyr 29, RII

Aethyr 29, RII

Date: Thursday 2nd June,  8pm, day after new moon

Method: Shower, stretch, relaxation ritual, LBRP, read call, skry with eyes closed

Result: As read call looked at English version, found slightly unsettling halfway through. Felt soles of feet buzz and a bright white light increasing at edge of my field of vision starting at forehead.

In a gulley running through a yellow desert landscape. It is white stone tiled, like a purpose built river for running water, but dry. Reaches to about eye level. I walk it for a bit and perceive gentle twists and turns but generally straight, get feeling there is no ending to this.

Hoist myself up and out. See a wide open yellow landscape of yellow sand under a blue sky. Then a palm tree nearby, on its own amid a few piles of grass. Look up and see jewels glistening like fruit in the branches of the tree, glittering in the sun. I am holding a jewel now, a red ruby set in a golden surround. The gem is cut like the bottom half of a pyramid that has been cleaved in two (I later realise). I look into it and perceive the head of a being, dark and smiling amid red flames or possibly a current of red water. Two long sharp teeth jutting up from lower jaw like a troll, then a kind of vampire-like human. Try to speak to it and ask purpose, says something about “redefine your concept of time” then starts speaking another language poss Enochian.

I don’t understand, and place the gem on the ground, made slightly uneasy by this being. The tree seems taller and extends diagonally upwards almost at a 45degree angle from the ground. I start climbing it, inching my way up the striped trunk. As I do it seems to extend ever further. This continues and I sense time passing, day turns to night. I get off the tree, no further really than when I started, and chop it down with a nearby axe. It falls and water spills up from the stump like a fountain. It is welcome after the dryness of the jeweled fruits. A small skinny old man with a white beard and hair on either side of his bald head emerges from the top of the tree. He is friendly and greets me. I can’t remember what he said, but gives me a peach. I perceive the surface of the peach, then the skin falls away to reveal the juicy yellow orange flesh. I taste it and it is exquisite. The man throws the peach stone – which looms large in my vision – away and another tree grows from it.

As we stand there in the daylight again I get the strong sense of someone nearby. A smoky outline, which becomes fully formed. A man riding a white horse. He is very large and imposing, commanding. Has long grey hair that starts just past the crown of his head, a strong nose and jawline, wearing white armour. He passes and doesn’t seem to notice me, I don’t know whether to attract his attention or not. I say something and think he’s going to leave but then he takes me on the back of his horse and this flies up past a gigantic vine, twisting green plant matter. I feel dizzy and think I’m going to fall. I am next to a gigantic purple grape – or I have become very small. Its matte skinned form looms above me but I can feel the juicy inside almost exploding wth potential energy.

My timer goes and the grape returns to normal size and I fall back to the ground again. Thank and close the space. Feeling of light pressure around temples of head.

Bit clumsy after – burn a small hole in furniture with incense and spill a bit of ash. Time seems to have gone very quickly. Images not super-vivid but came into minds eye with a flow. Images getting better but conversation with entities still difficult.


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