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Revised Enochian Action protocol–12 Feb 2011

After 7 Enochian actions now, each with some interesting results, the sense of familiarity with the system is growing and we can begin to adapt and shift things to improve the workings.  It is clear that the system is large and complicated but simultaneously will benefit from the ‘learning by heart’ that is common to much magical work.  In this case, however, the amount of material to be learnt by active adults is such that it will take a while so we need to find a measure to enable us to continue experiments whilst learning the language.  Some interesting thoughts regarding the way in which the action of acting operates in magical practice arise in this regard, to be developed perhaps at a later stage.

There is a PDF document linked at the bottom of this post with the revised protocol (draft), some aspects of which we will be explicitly testing out in the next meeting which will be a rehearsal rather than an intentional action.

Revised Protocol (draft) document


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