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Enochian Workings

Enochian working 7–Daat–19 January 2011

We formed up in the Temple in the Sky – M, R, J, F and G present.  G had been away with various projects for a while so it was good to catch up with him.  J was Scrying and M was operating.

Nature: Kind of something swirling, swirling patterns particles

Taste: Audio, tasting battery acid, not pleasant, like some salts, saline

Colour: Turquoise, purple, phosphorous, glowing.  More violent (violet?) towards the edges and bright sky blue to the inside, fuzzy

Sound: Creaky high pitched sound, like insects….grass hoppers

Emotion: (no response)

Images and Ideas: dark sky, clouds in the sky towards nightfall.  Represents the ray behind the darkness, the sun trying to come through, there is some kind of planetary sphere

When do you manifest? More towards the dark hours, late evening.

Into what can you become? (no response)

Show me your form, does he have a form, a corporeal form?  See someone sitting cross legged meditating, can only see form not features.  Greenish greyish planet, eruptions on the planet, cloudscapes above the planet.

What does this mean? I can see a rope which seems to be leading from here to somewhere, can only see first bit of rope but can’t see where it’s leading.  (Daat asked where this rope leads) – it’s moving under water, there’s a current, can’t tell if it’s a strong current, leading into a brook, the rope is submerged.

How is Daat manifested in our emotions?  Burning down old things, weirdly devastating and obliterating what we don;t have any use of any more.  Burning city so something new can stand there.

What emotions do we associate with Daat? Excitement, reflection, calmness.

Ask him what he can become? A shape transforming into smoke, spreading in the wind.

Anything further that Daat would like to say to us or tell us.  He says look after yourself.

Ask him how we can best do that. Not getting any kind of clear picture, blurred.

Session ended with Daat being thanked.

Afterwards the scryer noted that the images were incredibly weird for them, with a very cloudy landscape.


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