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Enochian Scryings

Enochian Group Scrying #1: Aethyr 30, TEX

The group met on the 24th Nov, having finished the first cycle of Enochian angelic work at the previous gathering.  This meeting was to be a group scrying session, focussed on the 30th Aire, TEX.

We chatted about the structure of the rite, with a couple of differing opinions about how we might organise it.  In the end it was decided to go for a rite that was relatively simple and could be easily replicated within an individuals’ own private work.  If we over-complicated the scrying then this would preclude us individually being able to perhaps carry out a concerted series of scrying sessions.

The rite consisted of our usual temple opening (Qab Cross, LBRP, Qab Cross, Middle Pillar Chants).  The Holy Table and Sigillum had been set out as the central altar, with a large Lamen to one side and the names and sigils of the four Governors of the 30th Aire to the other side.  The mirror was placed on top of the Table and Sigillum.  After the temple opening, we all sat around the central altar arrangement and chanted the  19th Call three times, using the name of TEX in the appropriate place at the beginning.  The Governors names were not called but their presence via sigil and name was central to the altar space that everyone was focussed on.  We then spent twenty minutes in silent individual scrying, at the end of which we all maintained a quiet space until everyone had finished making their own notes with pens and paper that we had arranged to be at hand.

The chanting was almost synchronous, but the slight idiosyncracies of each persons pronunciations gradually produced a quite powerful effect akin to one I’ve encountered before when using sustained glossalalia in group work.  Hearing and speaking words that are yet to be familiar, let alone easily pronounced, produces a dissonance that disrupts normal consciousness.  One thing was noticeable about the 19th Call, however, which is the strong rythmic section near the end.  There are 5 triplets of enochian words, their triplicity instantly recognisable when spoken out loud, giving a strong structural point of reference that was very noticeable we we went through the chant.

At the end of the 20 minutes of silent scrying everyone began making notes, writing up their own visions.  It seemed as though each participant had got a quite strong set of images, although we decided not to share them at the moment and allow some space for them to settle.  An account of my own vision will be put up on the razorsmile site in a short while, the other participants may or may not give their own reports.

All in all a good rite.  We now have our fortnightly break before coming together again.  No plans were set for the next session, although we may well continue with some more angelic work.

For the curious, here’s Lon Mil Duquette reading the 19th Call.  Ours didn’t sound quite like this to be honest but I’m still unsure about the nature of the pronunciation anyway – more research on this soon no doubt.

Lon Milo Duqeutte doing the 19th Call


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