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Enochian Workings

Enochian working 6 – Laidrom – 17th November 2010

M Scrying
F Operating

Q: What is your name?
A: Vorsec/h

Q: What is your nature?
A: That which is doubling.

Q: What do you taste like?
A:  Sweet fruits

Q: What is your colour?
A: 2 colours: masonry like, like but not the same as sand coloured in tone; the other colour is grey.  Both are porous in a way….

Q: What do you sound like?
A: The sound is not really a sount, it’s a sweetness, like… the sound of a stream on a very hot day when thursty, or a flute or whistle on a breeze when relaxing.

Q: What is your smell?
A: The smell of sunlight (drying washing outside)… a very nice smell.

Q: How do you show yourself through emotion?
A: Dancing

Q: In what form, ideas are you most revealed to me?
A: Birds on the wing, quenching – not just animals, you can quench a blade also
(The scryer asked the operator to repeat the question:
A: Difficult to describe but when one thing meets another thing and forms something else.  When water meets thirst there is a release.

Q: When are you most manifest in our daily lives?
A: Not that often.  Need a place of stillness and openess to find this.  I just keep getting the image of a soaring bird, possibly a kestrel.

Q:  Is there anything else you wish to tell us or share with us?
A:  It’s about happiness, very clear.  Whoever this is … I am standing on top of a hill being shown a vast horizon.  Vastness, a real sense of distance/horizon/clarity and this bird flying over can see all that is played out beneath.  It is peaceful, happy.  The bird offers an invitation.  ‘He’ has a travelling bag, he is walking away.

I thanked him (Vorsech/h) as he walked away.

The session was closed by the ringing of the bell seven times.

The scryer then added a note:

‘In the end, when he went to walk away, I was suddenly on the top of ‘Black Cap’.  It was as if I was put back in an easy and recognisable place so I could more easily find my way home.’

NB. The group then had some discussion over the sort of question we ask of an entity with some focus on what to do if the ‘wrong’ entity seems to appeared to the scryer.  As in this evenings session was to seek Laidrom yet we ended up communicating with Vorsech.  It was agreed that when this happens we can divert from the questions to attempt to find out where the entity called upon is… perhaps in relation to the one that has appeared.


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