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Enochian working 5 – Do op – 13th October 2010

R Scrying
F Operating

The scryer settled himself and I asked if he was ready to commence.  M answered “Yes.”

Q:  What is your name?
A: Do op… I think is there.  The name is not said that way?
Q: How do you feel the name should be said?
A: Dau.. Dower/Dauer….. Doe…

Q: What is your nature?
A:  A ring around a sun… a light shining.

Q: What do you taste of?
A: Can’t make it out, a dull taste… it’s not… almost the taste of wood.  Sort of dull.

Q: What is your colour?
A:  Yellow

Q: What is your sound or pitch?
A: The tread of foot, footsteps – repeating.

Q: What do you smell of?
A: Can’t really get a smell… Not a smell of chlorine but a tingein my nose.  Something that feels sharp in the nose.

Q: How are you expressed through emotion?
A: I can see something like a night time road.  Someone walking along – travelling – settled in travelling.  They have quite a way to go.

Q: In what form or ideas are you most revealed to me?
A: A horizon – a horizon line.

Q: When are you most manifest in our daily lives?
A: There is a big nigh time.  It’s not dreams, something to do with night but not dreaming.

Q: Anything else you wish to share with us?
A: No.  I can’t get anything else.  But a very strong sense of them standing to the side.  Can see a face but only partially as if it were looking around the side of a door.

We then thank Do op for speaking with us and the session ended with the ringing of the bell.