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Shedding light onto the Great Table

During our last session we came across an inconsistency. We had previously assumed that the names used in the hierarchical address were to be taken from the Revised Table which was received by Dee and Kelley in April 1587, three years after the conception of the original Great Table. However the two God names which Lon Milo DuQuette mentions in the appendix on page 230 of his book are those of the earlier version (Arbiz and Chalpt instead of Arbiz and Abalpt).

On page 136 of ‘Enochian Vision Magic‘, I found the following quote by Lon:

For the duration of this book I will, for the sake of consistency, try to use the Tabula Recensa as my main model for both the lettering and arrangement of the Watchtowers of the Great Table. I say “try to use” because for nearly the entire Enochian period the Angels referenced the original Great Table when explaining the angelic hierarchies and spelling the names of individual angels. It will be necessary from time to time to refer to the original, unreformed Great Table, especially when we start discussing the Kerubs, whose names might be dramatically affected by the reformed table’s new arrangement.

It is worth mentioning that although the elemental tablets on the original Great Table are arranged in a different order than on the Tabula Recensa (clockwise from the top left: Air, Earth, Water, Fire), the subangles within the tablets are nevertheless ordered in the same way as the elemental tables and subangles of the revised Great Table, which is the same as they appear on the elemental pentagram (Air, Water, Fire, Earth). From this we can easily determine the Three Great Secret Names of God, the Six Planetary Seniors, the Elemental King and the Two God Names for summoning and commanding the angels.

I’ve corrected the sample protocol which can be found here, and have also added the Kerubs to the hierarchical address, as they were previously missing.


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