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Philosophy and sorcery

I’m currently revising an essay I wrote a while ago on intitiation, a short version of which I delivered at a conference a couple of years ago where the organisers filmed all the presentations.  As I’ve been working on that, however, I’ve been gathering together various other bits and pieces of writing that combine philosophical and sorcerous interests.  The main reason for this is that I’ve been working on a book called ‘Practical Metaphysics’ on and off for a couple of years and and this project is beginning to get to a point at which it will need finishing off.  So I’m going to gather links to bits and pieces on this page and use it as a kind of index of possibly useful material (possibly useful for me).  It will also provide an index for anyone else interested too.

Just a caveat emptor…this is more a list for me, the blog posts are often ‘crystals’ of longer pieces I work on, quite often changing drastically as they develop.  Moreoever the connections between any of these posts will no doubt be less than obvious to anyone other than me, at least until I get the book finished when you would probably be able to track some genealogy.

  • ‘Memories of a sorcerer’: notes on Gilles Deleuze, Austin Osman Spare and Anomalous Sorceries – available here and here
  • To survive da’ath –  thoughts on initiation as a strategy- short version video available here and details of other versions available here
  • The fluid body – brief note, available here
  • What is chaos majik – with some thoughts on naming and sorcery connection, and the Bartleby tactic, available here
  • Diamond time, daimon time – brief note on temporality (derived from sorcerous working, Aion) available here
  • That which is core being – some notes on individuation available here
  • The breath as an organ – notes on breathing and consciousness available here
  • Ah Pook the Destroyer – notes on temporality (incl. some thoughts on Oak/Holly King) available here
  • Fotamecus – ‘what do we understand by time’ section of project available here


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