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Enochian Workings

Enochian working 2 – Axir – 1 Sept 2010

DSC00734 Wednesday 1st Sept 2010

The first action in this series had been a number of months ago and so the group spent an hour or so catching up, exchanging news and relaxing together.  We were missing one member, who was unavailable for another couple of months but keeping in touch and following the workings, so we made 5.  F was to scry in place of G who was the missing member and M was to operate.  We set up Temple space in J’s flat instead of M and R’s, with J’s large dog guarding the portal / hallway.  J had made an ‘enochian mix’ of various soundscapes and tracks and we ran this throughout the rite at low volume as an experiment.  F brought her own Holy Table, Sigillum Dei Aemeth and Planetary sigils along with her wand, ring and lamen. We used R’s obsidian scrying stone and silk, the same stone we used before.  The flat is high up in the Brighton sky.

We were repeating the calling of AXIR, using the same protocol as in the first action.  Modifications to this original action simply involved the addition of vibrating the Fifth Call rather than saying it, as we had done originally.  We had also decided to use a formal closing sign which had not been used previously, this took the form of ringing a bell R has which we have used in previous ritual work – this was to be rung 7 times at the end of the rite.

We opened by all taking positions around the room, Qabalistic Cross x3 and then the LBRP, followed by 3x Qab Cross again.  We then gathered together for our Middle Pillar chants, all standing as is usual, before the scryer knelt in front of the table and the other 4 sat in a semi-circle behind her.  We ran through 7x the Invocation of the Holy Table outer sides, 7x the Holy Table middle 12, the Invocation of the 49 angels of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth and the Invocation of the Round Table of Nalvage.  The scryer then said their prayers to the ring and lamen before we made the Fifth Call and the Hierarchical Address.  The 3 members who were not either operating or scrying then settled back, simply whispering the name AXIR to themselves in order to keep focus.

The action… (questions from the operator, answers from the scryer)

What is your name? Axir

What is your nature? Solid

What is your colour? Molten (The operator asked this question again slightly later) swirling molten gold, flecked with brown and rust

What is your sound / note / tone? Deep vibration, almost inaudible

What is your taste? Like blood – metal, iron in your mouth.

What is your smell? Quite caustic, sulphurous maybe, very hard to…chemistry lab.

How do I express you through emotions? Changeable, pondering…it’s a deep…more inward then expression…I don’t know if you share it.

In what form of images and ideas are you most revealed to me? Moments of revelation, when something alters, new aspects, from within.

When do you most manifest in my daily life? Times of contemplation, quiet times of looking in.

Is there anything else? Globe in his hand, it’s swirling but it’s a pale colour, pearl, big, like a light…changing swirling, forever changing, forever there.

(Scryer: Thank you for making your presence known to us)

R then removed the stone from in front of the scryer and rang the bell 7x to end the action.

Following the action we had a debrief session and made some comments on the working.  Again, we felt some need to adjust quite how we express the various words and formulas and will make these small shifts in the next action.

(1) Vibrate the names within the Hierarchical Address

(2) In the Elemental Operation, when we’re vibrating the Call, we should make it more poetic, more like singing or chanting.  If we look for a translation of the Enochian within the Calls then we can work out the ryhtmn better.  (J agreed to look into this for the group).

(3) Maintain the 7 ring closing, seemed to work.

We also had some discussion about how we might begin to work of interpretation of the images and sounds we were getting, since not only the scryer was getting these.  We decided not to share each of our various image streams at this point but to all write up, before the end of the next day, our own interpretation response which we would then bring to the next group and compare in the debrief session afterwards.  The question that we had was whether those in the circle who were not scrying or operating should concentrate on chanting the name or empty mind meditation or join with the scryer in visualisations and callings.  We will use the comparison of our various interpretation responses to maybe get some sense of what to do in this respect.

Next session: Wednesday Sept 8th, at J’s flat again.  We will make an action to call another of the Servient Angels of Earth of Earth, not AXIR again.  Scryer to be A, Operator to be R.

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