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Create’n’charge a qabalistic talisman




We decided the sphere of Tiphareth, centrally located on the tree and associated with harmony, was the kind of wealth we wanted – a quality of success and assuredness in all levels. Checking out the traditional meanings of the four sixes in the tarot cards helped confirm this was the place to be.

Cutting a yellow piece of card into a hexagon, using this [2]nifty method yielded two associations straight away and the material base for the talisman. Next, sigils – created using the Golden Dawn’s favoured machine, the Rosy Cross Lamen (pictured). Four holy names, four qabalistic worlds, one cheat sheet in Donald Michael Kraig’s book Modern Magick that transposes Hebrew into English (I didn’t have much time) created four symbols that were transposed in freehand onto the talisman. Then one more – the intent, rendered illegible using the classic Spare method. This final step felt like it added a required personal touch to the symbols through the art of creating a ‘good looking’ sigil.

Launch conditions:

Moon: waxing, almost full

Day: Sunday (day of sun = Tiphareth, innit)

Planetary Hour: Sol (approx 10.20pm) – This one was interesting because I had all but abandoned the idea of doing the ritual in the correct planetary hour thanks to a bout of inertia during the day. I thought I better work it out just in case, and realised that according to my calculations the planetary hour I needed had started a couple of minutes ago, which was very convenient – and stopped me arsing about any longer.

Divination: I-Ching hexagram 31, Conjoining. Keywords: influence, connection, excite. Changing lines indicate way is open.

Body/Mind: Basically, hungover. But through the worst of it.

Charging Ritual:

I basically followed the method outlined by Kraig in his book because I’ve used it before and it works.

  1. LBRP
  2. Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram
  3. Middle Pillar
  4. Change middle pillar energy to golden yellow
  5. Grasp talisman in hands and feel energy fill it
  6. Vibrate Angelic Order, Archangel and God names, after first asking for their presence/assistance
  7. Draw invoking pentagram of earth over talisman six times, each time vibrating godname
  8. Place talisman in container – I tried silver foil this time as an experiment, it seemed appropriate
  9. BRH and LBRP again, but I did these the other way round
  10. End


Not as much physical, kinaesthetic sensations of heat and energy as experienced in past, probably due to poor physical condition of magician. Otherwise, a focused, involving ritual. Felt good and clean afterwards – head fuzziness lifted, perceptions clear.