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Archive radioshows

A couple of the radioshows have been sourced and uploaded to the podcast archive over here where I will be trying to keep things a little more orderly in future.  I haven’t yet got round to any sort of playlists for the archive material but will see if I can get onto that at some point.  In the meantime, enjoy (if that’s the right word…).  The first couple of shows are about 2 hours long.  The third one is about an hour long and the last half hour or so contain a pathworking for the Fotamecus egregore, an entity I worked with a lot in a film project that has never quite seen the light of day (even though there are now about 3, maybe 4 versions of various films that have come from the project).  The last is a ‘remix’ (meh) of the LBRP.  This has a brief introduction to what the LBRP is and what it is used for, followed by a version recorded by Israel Regardie.


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