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Simple Raphael boon rite

June 2nd working

The group had to divert its work after the initial Enochian operation because of some members having pressing concerns of life and death that they had to spend time on.  One of our number was away and dealing with such an issue so we opened out temple space in the usual way, which takes about 20 minutes to half an hour, then had a brief period of meditation before we devised an impromptu rite.  The intention was to offer support, love, healing, concern – call it what you will – to this other member of the group and to ask Raphael for a boon or aid in that process.

We placed one member in front of the scrying mirror.  3 others formed behind her.  We settled and then one person gently guided us verbally in a pathworking style entrance to Tiphareth, the Golden Temple with the child and the king.  Once we had reached the child and they had placed their hand on our heart and filled our bodies with liquid light we began to chant the God-name of Tiphareth, YHVH Aloah Va Daath.  We chanted this for at least five minutes, maybe ten, until we began to feel exhausted, each of us keeping up with the other two, the scryer still and staring into the mirror.  We gradually found a resonant place at which the chant faded and left.  The three callers then took a deep breath in, synchronising with each other as they did, before calling our the name of Raphael.  The call to the angel was repeated, as loudly and passionately as possible, with entreaty, a total of 6 times.  The scryer then asked for our boon for our friend.

The rite was simple, lasting little longer then 20 or 25 minutes.  Most noticeable was a huge amount of energy, all 3 of the callers had tears in their eyes by the end of the call.  The scryer received a strong response and spoke for a little while after asking for our boon.

We ended with grounding food and drink, chat, settling back.


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