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Enochian Workings

Enochian working 1 – Axir – 14 April 2010 – (with notes and thoughts for further actions)

(We decided to use the questioning format DuQuette suggests as a guide to begin with and may modify as we go along: for source see DuQuette, 2008: p.173-174)


Wednesday April 14th 2010

The action intended to call Axir, Earth of Earth ‘servient angel’, who are ‘powerful and learned in transformation’.  The action was operated according to the protocol we’ve drawn up, which was outlined in this post and the script for which is here.  Operator was A. and Scryer was J. and the operators questions are in italic, followed by the scryers responses.

What is you name? Azakiel

What is your nature? (no response)

What is your colour? I can see pink sunset against blue sky.

What is your sound or musical note? A very high pitched sound: I can’t tell you what musical note.

What is your taste? I’m looking at a picture of fruit hanging from a tree, I think it’s an apple.

What is your smell? Smells like something sweet, vanilla sweet flowers, yes, white flowers.

In what form of images and ideas are you most revealed to me? Abstract, (unreadable), obscure.  There’s an image of what looks like machinery, it could be a toy, it could be made for a specific purpose.  Something revolutionary but mankind doesn’t grasp it yet.

How do I express you through emotions? Youthful, cheerful, happy, explorative, inquisitive.

When are you most manifest in my daily life? In the daytime.  It looks a little like late afternoon, the shadows are long. I make it more cheerful, happy and more joyful.

Is there anything else? I’m getting a very colourful picture.  Some kind of valley with high, sharp, ragged mountains.  Very colourful green (unreadable) but bit of sunshine coming over mountains.  It’s not sun set yet but the sun will be gone soon.  The air is very fresh.  There are machines which look like some toy, some (unreadable) but playful at the same time some, can’t make out if it’s a toy, looks like it might do something (unreadable).  It’s like when you see insects magnified to a thousand times, their size, it’s something stationary not intended to lift off and disappear I don’t think.  I’m seeing an old man with an old white beard reaches all the way to the floor, a walking stick.  First human shape.  Grey robe, burgundy cap.  Very old but seems very fit, happy.  He’s standing there smiling.  Allowing himself to be seen, he says he’s of a friendly nature, Zadakiel.  He wants to give us something to relate to.  Pointing up to the sun, high up in the sky now, look like it wasn’t setting, it could be rising.  He’s holding his hands as if he was praying.  He’s saying he needs to leave.

(end of action)

After the action we had a debrief and the following notes were made from that conversation, no decisions were taken on changing anything yet but these debrief notes will no doubt allow us to adjust the actions as we go along.  It is imoprtant to say these notes don’t represent a group opinion on anything, they merely reflect thoughts articulated by individuals within the group during the debrief.

Debrief notes

  • Make a more formal ending so we all shut the ‘portal’ – ‘I just felt like it was very open’
  • God is anybody – we are all God.  Same with the angels.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve just made it up.  To that extent there’s no portal to shut.
  • The chanting got faster and faster.
  • Can’t read and tap the table.
  • Last call sounded like we’re putting a lot of sounds together.  Follow the pronunciation.
  • We should vibrate things more than just saying them.
  • Stand up for the Enochian chants?
  • What should people be doing while scryer scrying?  Which means ,I wasn’t listening.  When I did listen I projected myself onto what was being said.
  • Want to ask questions – ask first question of the scryer, ‘are you ready?’
  • People not saying should all do the same thing.

Next time: Operator G, Scryer F


2 comments for “Enochian working 1 – Axir – 14 April 2010 – (with notes and thoughts for further actions)”

  1. On the names – well obviously we got something other than Axir, mwho didn’t show at any time during the scrying. Zadakiel might be cognate with Zedekiel, one of the names in the central pentagram on the Sigillum. Zadakiel is also associated with Jupiter and the color Violet and Mercy, at least according to the the listing at Wikipedia (which we all know as ‘that ever reliable source of knowledge’)


    As for the first name, Azakiel, obviously there are resonances in the second part of the name but not in the first syllable. Curiously there are a whole bunch of internet userID’s that are ‘azakiel’, so it seems a common name for net avatars, which is a little odd perhaps.

    Posted by Razorsmile | May 18, 2010, 12:26 pm
  2. A little congruency that is kind of interesting, at least for me – ‘The witch god, known as the ‘star-crossed serpent’ who is the Lord of This World, is Azazel, the leader of the Watchers or fallen angels who mated with ‘the daughters of men’. He is also know as Tubal Cain, the mythical first blacksmith in the Old Testament’ – source: fn.4, p29, The Robert Cochrane Letters, Capall Bann 2002.

    Posted by razorsmile | August 31, 2010, 6:12 pm

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