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A symbolic representation of the Universe

This nice little bit of software displays the Tabula Recensa, Liber Scientiae, all the calls, the tablets of the 49 good angels, vocalizations of the calls, the Tabula Bonorum, the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, the ring of Solomon, the heptarchic lamens and more along with animations and other gadgets.

I have tried installing several Enochian applications in the past and this was the only one that worked.

Just click on this download link, get the program from there and unzip the files into the same folder, then run the setup program from the unzipped folder (the download is about 8.7MB).

If you have a newer operating system, you will probably encounter some error messages during installation:

  • A file being copied is older than the file currently on your system.
    Do you want to keep this file?

Each time you see this message, just click ‘Yes’.

  • C:\Windows\…blablabla.dll
    An access violation occurred while copying the file.

When you see this message, just click on ‘Ignore’. You might be asked to confirm.

  • An error occurred while registering the file C;\…blablabla.dll

Just click on ‘Ignore’ again.

You should now see a message box telling you that the program was installed successfully. It worked on my computer and on G’s. Any problems, give me a shout and I’ll see if I can help.

I find the program very useful because it shows where everything on the tables (Names of God, the Angels etc.) can be found at the click of a mouse button (and the student can switch between Latin and Enochian alphabet).

It also contains an Enochian translation tool and several e-books for those interested in looking at Enochian Magick from different angles and a vocalisation of the calls (not in high quality but it gives a rough idea).

I’m looking forward to hearing what others think!

A symbolic representation of the Universe


4 comments for “A symbolic representation of the Universe”

  1. hi there, just giving you a shout out because it installed successfully however now it wont open? it says something about have to extract from somewhere?
    thanks for posting this on the internet x

    Posted by Deanna | March 26, 2013, 6:36 am
  2. Ignore that message! I got it to work, thanks again!!! X

    Posted by Deanna Amato | March 26, 2013, 7:44 am
  3. i also made version 2.0 which is more complete… if you google it there’s a video about its use on vimeo.


    Posted by Juriaan Massenza | April 23, 2017, 7:55 pm

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