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Food and the return of something-or-other

After the intense experience of having undergone months of nausea, semi-starvation and near-paralysis due to the lack of any kind of energy to draw upon, I had the delightful experience of being able to enjoy two days with almost zero obligations other than to regenerate my vital life forces and keep myself as happy and relaxed as I wanted to be. Making even the simplest tasks an act of impossibility, the effect of my stressed nervous and vegetative system on any kind of activity was an exclusively numbing one. Having returned to my observation platform high up in the clouds earlier on I felt myself grasped by an irresistable urge to keep myself busy and get some tasks out of the way, some of which had been asking for completion for over a year – laying out the conditions necessary for some serious magical work which despite a large amount of interest had previously been subject to having slipped near the bottom of any imaginary priority list.

The effect of the previous two days on my appetite are however a profound one. All of a sudden my taste buds are finding themselves confrontated with a seemingly unquenchable hunger for old and new ideas and the rest of the body seems happy to give its best to satisfy those demands.

So with a full belly and a content smile, knowing that experiencing the bottomless abyss of wandering through the barren plains of tortured souls and the associated feeling of everything dissolving into nothingness lie somewhere tangible and yet pleasantly distant in the near past, this body and mind are settling for an earlier night’s sleep than they have had for months.

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