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I was chatting to Fi recently when she asked me how we got to/developed into this whole Enochian thing … here’s a paraphrase of my answer.

I consider Enochian to be high magic, by which I mean ritual magic requiring a fair degree of discipline and commitment.  It’s something I’ve been interested in for a long time and thought to explore earlier with a couple of other groups.  What stopped me with group A was a grumbling sense of inflated ego/s, my own included.  There’s only so far a projection of your own personae is going to take you before it becomes blindingly apparent, to everyone involved, that there’s something of a magical pissing contest going on.  Group B was, well, bluntly put, untrustworthy.

What makes this group different then?

As I was saying to Fi, I get a strong feeling that we compliment each other and the best way I seemed to be able to describe this was as follows:-

Matt is wood/wooden, but I don’t mean that in terms of someone who’s stiff or unable express themselves with any sort of genuine emotion.  Wood is amazing stuff, we can burn it for heat and light, make furniture out of it, carve art into/from it, and it’s so beautiful.  If you soak it right it can bend amazingly well.  It’s been used to make massive henges, round houses, toy swords and shields, fences, cartwheels … Very versatile stuff wood, both in its natural and treated form.

I see Adam as stone, actually quite a specific sort of stone, a large, oval-shaped grey stone.  This stone, that I imagine Adam to be, is outside, solitary and under sunlight.  I’m not sure why I think this, but perhaps it’s related to a chapter in ‘A Thousand Plateaus’, a book I’ve never been able to understand at all.  In my efforts to find a way in I took chapter 3, which might be called ‘Geology of Morals’, and simply copied out the first sentence from each paragraph.  This created a very strange poem.  Afterwards I realised it was quite  appropriate, given how geology works in terms of magma, up thrusts, etc, and what I had left, morally, geologically, intellectually, whatever, was an accidental interpretation.  The stone is always the stone, you see, except when it’s not the stone.

Jen, for me, is air; partly because I associate air with intellect and partly because I never know when I open the front door whether a warm summer breeze type thing will greet me or whether a hurricane will blow through my house/head.  I don’t really feel like I have to explain air.  Air is also breath for me.

G, well, water, and maybe that’s because I know about his water practice already, or it could be to do with how I perceive water, ie as healing, flowing.  G doesn’t seem jerky at all.  Water is powerful as well though, it’s not just a summer’s day stream with sun twinkling off its surface.

Me and Fi, I don’t know, I thought we might both be fire, but it’s always easier to see other people than yourself.

I suppose what’s a bit curious to me about this is that it’s not Wiccan.  It’s so much part of the magical scenery to talk about ‘the elements’ in terms of earth, air, fire and water and I wonder if I got the wood and stone symbolism from G … but that’s what I mean, I believe we, as a group, can exert those kind of subtle forces on each other.

Interestingly, or perhaps not, it was only after this conversation with Fi that I discovered we would be working with the elementals, funny huh.


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