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assorted synchronicities

I noticed that a few coincidences/synchronicities clustered around our first meeting to discuss working the Enochian system, and later when I finished reading Duquette’s Enochian Vision Magick.

First John Dee was mentioned in two books I was reading. Then a man with the name got in touch. He sent pictures of himself dressed as Freddy Mercury from Queen. Couple of interesting associations here – of course J.Dee was the Queen’s conjurer, employed in her service at the time for his astrological and other skills. Mercury is analagous with Hermes – my first thought being his role as messenger of the gods and his obvious import in the carrying of messages, which is presumably what we will be doing in the Enochian work. He’s also known as “patron of boundaries and of the travelers who cross them” which seems apt considering the nature of the work being undertaken, which could some kind of trans-dimensonal contact, or at the least a departure from everyday consciousness. Hermes/Mercury has often come up for me, interesting to see his presence here again.

On the way to the first meeting I called into a newsagent to get something to eat for dinner. I chose a vegetable samosa and went to the counter to pay. The bored looking man at the till had a piece of A4 paper with what looked like four grids on it. The grids were drawn in pencil and contained many small squares. Inside each were either numbers or letters, I’m not sure which. It didn’t look like sudoko, and was hand drawn. I was struck by the superficial similarity of these grids of information to the grids used in the Enochian system. Later, at the meeting we had a plate of vegetable samosas. I don’t make a habit of eating this particular foodstuff, so to choose one and then later be confronted with a plate of them seemed an odd coincidence. As to its occult significance – something about triangles? – I’ll spare you my speculation.

On Sunday 28/2/10 I finished the Duquette book and noticed a couple of angelic mentions in the same day. First was from the film Southland Tales, when an ex-soldier is about to inject himself with a futuristic drug: “Then you take the blood train. You talk to God without even – without even seeing him. You hear his voice, and you see his disciples. They appear like… like angels under a sea of black umbrellas. Angels who can see through time.”

An hour later I was reading a book of poetry by Goethe, and turned randomly to poem number 76: Higher and Highest Matters, which contains the lines

Yet in other dialects men

and angels make communication:

Secret grammars, speech of roses,

And the poppy’s conjugation.


One comment for “assorted synchronicities”

  1. footfalls echo in the memory
    down the passage which we did not take
    towards the door we never opened
    into the rose-garden

    – burnt norton

    aye, the speech of roses, reminds me of netzach, somehow the woman there always seemed rather mercurial to me

    Posted by Morrigan | March 5, 2010, 2:41 pm

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