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Golden Dawn

Constructing the ‘Three-letters’ into a contact

baphomet2One of the recent experimental workings that the meditation group engaged in was the ‘Three-letters’ working (which I posted about here) in which the Tree of Life was approached in a particular type of way.  The intention of this working is to provide a means by which a practitioner can construct an imaginal means of learning the tree.  No assumption is made about the reality or otherwise of entities and contacts, not least because worrying about reality is not something a magician should be doing – the practice of majik is pure experimentation with knowledge and experience, literally a matter of ‘make something up and see what happens’.  The means of assessment of the success or otherwise of an experiment or working is difficult, although ‘consistency’ is a good rule of thumb.  The greater the consistency of responses received the more powerful they become.  In a sense ‘consistency’ produces a majikal reality – synchronicity, for example, is a form of consistency between situations and the ‘law of sympathy’ relies upon a consistency, a regularity or repetitive structure being formed such that a causality begins to emerge, albeit one that almost deliberately fucks up the ‘ground’ of such causality.  If causality is of the form ‘do X, Y occurs’ then a fucked up causality retains this structure whilst simultaneously undermining it.  There is no reason to majikal causality, merely consistency – it is this that makes it majikal.

The core of the Three-letter working is three journeys to the bottom supernal triad of the Tree of Life in which each sephiroth is meditated upon with a view to producing a single letter in each case.  These three letters then form the name that is to be given to a contact or teacher or imaginal being who will be able to take the role of interlocutor in future exploration of the Tree.  Produce a name to produce a conversation partner.  There is a set of three path-workings available for the three sephiroth elsewhere on this site but having obtained three letters the next step is to call on the named entity.  To that end the following pathworking is offered, a simple exercise adapted from R.J.Stewart’s books, Living Magical Arts.  The exercise in that book (one I recommend highly, although it may read as slightly anachronistic nowadays, perhaps with a hint of ‘New Age’ christianity even) is called ‘Establishing an innerworld contact’ (pp195-198; Blandford 1987) which should be quite obviously seen as closely connected with the intentions of the Three-letter pathworking.

The Visualisation

(do whatever preparations you need in order to be able to concentrate clearly)

In front of you, in a dimly lit environment, is a door, a wooden arched door, above which is a lamp.  Bring the door to clear vision, as clear as you can make it.  When you feel calm and ready to meet the contact and the doorway is as vivid as you can make it push the door open and step underneath the lamp and through the doorway.

You are in a square courtyard, in the centre of which is a fountain.  The door you have just stepped through is next to a tree, the courtyard is open to the sky and it is nighttime.  On each of the four walls there is another tree, next to which there are doors.  Four walls, four trees, four doors.

Begin to walk, slowly, around the courtyard.  Continue walking until you feel settled and the courtyard, the trees, the doors and the fountain are as vivid as they can be.  When you are ready move towards the fountain.

There is a wall around the fountain and you place you hands on the wall.  You feel the stones beneath you skin.  You hear the water.  Close your eyes and allow yourself to do nothing but listen.  When ready, open you eyes and draw on the wall the three letters you have brought with you.  See them on the wall between you hands, make them come alive, glow and vibrate.  Concentrate on the letters and keep this concentration – as you do so, you hear a door open and footsteps behind you.  Stay focused on the name as the person who has entered the courtyard walks around you just as you did when entering, before they finally stop opposite you on the other side of the fountain.

Ask them if they are the person your three-letters name.  Do not challenge them to prove it but trust yourself as to whether they are telling the truth.  Once you are happy it is the contact, ask them any questions you want to, about the Tree or about anything else.  Allow the conversation to flow until they stop it.

Close your eyes again and hold the wall, feeling the stone under your hands.  The contact will leave.  When they have gone, open your eyes, walk around the fountain and move towards one of the doors.  Next to the door you have chosen you will see a symbol or mark of some sort to help you remember which door you use.  Remember that sigil and then leave the courtyard, closing the door behind you and bringing yourself back to the here-and-now.

Use whatever techniques you prefer to ground yourself again and then make notes on anything interesting.

Rinse and repeat as necessary…


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