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Welcome to the Civil War – Tarnac9 update

1968josefkoudelkabt7Websites with information on the Tarnac9:

the US support committee – http://tarnac9.wordpress.com/ [1]

the main French support site – http://www.soutien11novembre.org/ [2]

fragments from ‘Introduction to Civil War’ – http://www.softtargetsjournal.com/v21/tiqqun.php [3]


1.  The elementary human unity is not the body—the individual—but the form-of-life.

10. Civil war is the free play between forms-of-life; it is their principle of co-existence.

12. The point of view of civil war is the point of view of the political.

23. Hostility puts me at a distance from my own power.

72. The sphere of hostility can be reduced only by extending the ethico-political domain of friendship and enmity. This is why Empire has always failed to extend this domain, despite all its protestations in favor of peace. The becoming-real of the Imaginary Party is simply the formation—by contagion—of a plane of consistency where friendships and enmities can freely deploy themselves and make themselves legible to one another.

(from ‘Introduction to Civil War [3]‘)