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The Three-Letters working

The meditation group has begun a new cycle of activity following an influx of members that took us from our regular 5 to a regular 9.  In order to advance this first ‘series’ of workings on the tree (the QShTh, Qesheth working) I decided to add in a specific element which would involve each individual creating their own ‘guide’ for the tree.  The intention is to allow the intuition of the participant to be activated and given body and voice in such a way that the participant can hear their intuitionistic response and use that in addition to the basic outlines of colours, tone and symbology that I might give them.  During the Qesheth activity the bottom supernal is explored and so we are using this also to create the three-letter guides, each letter being activated by a specific pathworking focused on either Yesod, Netzach or Hod, where Yesod gives us a face, Netzach gives us blood and Hod gives us voice.  The order of visiting was Yesod – Netzach – Hod.  The three pathworkings are given here:

Yesod [1], Hod [2] and Netzach [3]

This is, of course, an experimental working and so anyone else wanting to use it it most welcome to, as well as most welcome to leave comments or give feedback.

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