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The fluid body

The way in which we act towards objects has limits. There is no getting around the bluntness of death and injury, the bluntness of ‘objects’ however we conceive them. It seems, then, that my conception of objects somehow needs to acknowledge this inability to avoid the bluntness of death and injury whilst simultaneously getting around this bluntness to ‘carry on’. The conception itself needs to carry on and a conception which simply flounders in the face of the need to act is pretty useless and simply won’t survive. Well, perhaps it would survive – but at the very least we might wish it not to thrive.

The Taoist central image for the manner of living, the act of living, is to act as water. Obviously if the problem is perceived as a riddle then the answer might be given as ‘water’. This metaphorical principle, “act as the water would act, flow, flow”, assumes something it is no help overcoming – which is that you are not already flowing. How to begin? No image of a principle that doesn’t enable us to ‘go on’, to act from the situation of the image, is ever going to enable us to learn anything. Even the Taoists need their words to learn the way.

The word is the central tool of the sorcerer. If they have any force, then such as it exists manifests in a word, a verb, it happened. What if the event, however, only ever occurs in the pure past? What if the event has always only ever happened. Happened. Not happening but happened. What happened? This is the space into which sorcery slips. It slips into this space because the sorcerer forced it.

The sorcerer breaks open the word (or perhaps even those who break open the word open into sorcerous practice). To break open the word is make something happen. The word is trapped inside itself, manifest only through gutturality, warped into actuality. The word is the concept is the god goddess mythopoetic manifestation of manifestation, that moment of machinic production, law like, immutable, eternal. That moment which has always happened and is never happening.


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  1. Only a demonstration of the smile can break open the word by nominating the event. This demonstration must have many points–and each of these points must be very SHARP!

    Posted by Professor Fang | February 19, 2008, 4:23 am
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    Posted by razorsmile.org | Philosophy and sorcery | November 23, 2010, 2:14 pm

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