Badger Trust - Sussex

Registered Charity No. 1113434

Badger Hotline: 07910 198720

Badger Trust - Sussex at an event.

Raising funds, awareness - and a few smiles - at an event.

What we do

Members of Badger Trust - Sussex actively participate in a variety of conservation projects aimed at protecting badger setts. These include physical protection of setts and a range of projects to assist landowners in the conservation of badgers on their property.

As well as giving advice to people who wish to encourage badgers on their land, we also give general guidance to those who experience badger-related problems.

Our Sales Team attends many country fairs and other events at which our activities are promoted. We also provide speakers and slide shows for other clubs and societies.

Another vital part of the activities of Badger Trust - Sussex involves the surveying, checking and recording of existing and new setts. This information is then made available for use, when necessary, as evidence in prosecutions and for ensuring the future protection of the badgers' habitat, particularly in connection with planning applications.