Badger Trust - Sussex

Registered Charity No. 1113434

Badger Hotline: 07910 198720

Badger cubs rescued by Badger Trust - Sussex.

Badger cubs rescued by Badger Trust - Sussex.


Welcome to the website of Badger Trust - Sussex, formerly the Mid Sussex Badger Protection Group (MSBPG).

The MSBPG was formed in April 1989 after a case of badger baiting was reported in the local paper. At the Group's AGM in October 2005 we proposed to our members a change of name to Badger Trust - Sussex. This was unanimously approved, along with our proposal to apply for charitable status. Badger Trust - Sussex became a registered charity in March 2006.

Through our website you can find out more about badgers, the threats they face, what we do, and how you can help.

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